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Violation of Probation

Probation is defined as court-mandated supervision that requires an individual to abide by certain restrictions and check in with a probation officer regularly. If an individual is believed to have violated probation and not met the conditions of their probation, a hearing will be set, and they will be charged with that violation.

Maintain Your Freedom

A probation violation could lead to your freedom being lost. In Florida, two types of probation are recognized: technical and substantive violations. If an individual breaks one of their probation terms, this will result in a technical violation. A substantive violation occurs when a crime is committed during probation. If an individual is accused of a substantive violation while on felony probation, they are returned to prison while awaiting their hearing. There could also be situations where an individual did not willfully violate their probation. If this occurs, it is essential to have proper legal representation, know your rights, and protect your freedom.

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