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Orlando Pharmaceutical Drug Defense Lawyer

Orlando and the State of Florida have become hubs for pill mills, or the questionable practice of over-prescribing pain medications and prescription drugs that then flood the streets. Because of this, local law enforcement has become equipped to combat the problem in a forceful and proactive manner.

Penalties for these convictions have also become exceedingly harsh. Quantities as little as four grams can carry a mandatory three-year prison sentence, even for first-time offenders. With so much on the line, clients should not risk allowing an inexperienced defender to represent their interests.

Orange County Prescription Drug Offense Attorney

At the Law Offices of Scott L. Richardson, Inc., I have the skill and aggressive defense a client needs to combat these charges. I am highly successful in defending my clients in cases involving prescription drugs, including:

  • Suboxone
  • Oxycodone
  • Oxycontin
  • Adderall
  • Methadone
  • Vicodin

Orlando Pharmaceutical Drug Defense Attorney

I see many clients who find themselves trapped in a place of reliance on these prescription drugs due to legitimate physical and mental health conditions in the past. Through no fault of their own, they find themselves dependent and facing criminal trouble.

I am here to help. I protect the interests of these individuals, many of whom never expected to find themselves in this situation.

Rather than dispensing a cold analysis of your case, I work to help you through these difficult circumstances.

Each client is provided a free initial consultation to best understand the unique circumstances that surround their situation. I understand how important each case is and I provide each case the personal attention that it deserves.

Payment plans are available, and all major credit cards are accepted.

To arrange a free initial consultation, please call 407-843-9411. Phones calls are answered 24-7 unless I am in court or with a client, and then calls are returned immediately.