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Theft Charges in Florida 

Under Florida law, Grand Theft is defined as the unlawful taking or using of property valued at $750 or more, with the intent to deprive the owner of their rights to the property. It is a “specific intent” crime, where the defendant takes property belonging to another person with the specific intent to steal. Petit Theft is taking property valued below $750 also with the intent to steal. If the property’s market value cannot be determined, it may also be established with evidence of the replacement item cost. However, some evidence must specify that the replacement item was similar to the item stolen.

Defenses for Theft Charges 

There are multiple defenses available under Florida law to contest a theft charge. The following are some of the most common that can apply:

  • Consent – The belief that a defendant had the owner’s consent to take the property.
  • Obtaining or Using for Lawful Purpose – The defense that a defendant had the legal right to take or dispose of the property or if they believed they had such a right.
  • Lack of Intent – If a defendant had a good faith belief that they owned the property, had a possessory interest in it, or had a joint ownership interest in it.
  • Mistake of Fact – In Florida, the intent to steal does not exist where a defendant acts under the mistaken belief that the property they took was their property.

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