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Orlando Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

As law enforcement across the state of Florida cracks down on drug offenses, police conduct an increasing volume of stops and searches for drugs, including marijuana.

Many times, individuals are intimidated into consenting to a search or admitting to information that may be incriminating. It is important that a client knows their rights and that they do not allow any investigation or line of questioning that violates civil rights in these situations.

When such violations occur, though, I am here to fight for my clients’ rights.

Seminole County Lawyer for Drug Possession Charges

I will carefully review the process that was used to stop each client and search for drugs. I know what to look for, and I will find common police inconsistencies and improper actions that may have violated a client’s rights.

I am particularly interested in these cases and, I can negotiate a fair sentence for clients, particularly for first offenders with no prior history. People don’t leave their life experience and common sense at the door of the courtroom. I have a lot of experience representing many people in drug and alcohol related offenses, as well as other criminal defense cases. I will put that depth of experience to work for each and every client.

Orlando Marijuana Possession Defense Lawyer

I provide each client a free initial consultation. I also provide payment plans and major credit cards are accepted.

I understand just how important each case is and I am committed to providing it the attention it deserves. Phone calls are answered around the clock, and I remain readily available for answers and information.

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