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Sometimes law enforcement agencies seeking drug crimes will become overzealous in their investigations. This may result in their luring otherwise innocent citizens into committing crimes they would not have otherwise committed without inducement of law enforcement.

Under Florida law, entrapment is an affirmative defense raised in a criminal case to excuse an otherwise unlawful act. Broadly speaking, entrapment occurs when police have improperly induced to commit a crime with the person induced is not otherwise predisposed to engage in such conduct in the first place. In Florida, the laws of entrapment will often apply in cases involving drug sales, drug trafficking, internet crimes, prostitution, and solicitation of prostitution.

In recent years, our office has represented people accused of drug crimes because they fell victim to defendant’s who were “working off charges.” In one circumstance, an employee at a car wash was approached over and over again to see if he wanted to sell his prescription drugs to a co-worker. After numerous requests by one co-worker to purchase pills from another co-worker, the transaction finally occurred. At that time our client was then arrested and charged with a crime involving pharmaceutical medication. It was apparent that he would have not otherwise have sold the medication were it not for the constant demand of his co-worker.

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