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Orange County Pre-Trial Diversion

When a citizen finds himself arrested and charged with a crime their life will be inconvenienced. There will be mandatory court appearances and other obligations that will take up the accused’s time and resources. I pride myself on minimizing the impact of these charges in my clients’ lives. Probation, community control, and other community based sanctions obviously allow people to remain at liberty while they are serving their sentence.

I also make a very strong effort to avail my clients of less intrusive programs to resolve their case favorably these include pre-trial diversion, pre-trial intervention, and drug court. Pre-trial diversion is a program that the accused may enter into and their charges are ultimately dropped. Depending on my clients’ prior criminal history, the nature of the charge, and the circumstances of the charge I may be able to help them gain entry into some of these programs.

The majority of the time I get my clients into these programs, with an eye on sealing and expunging my client’s criminal history after the case is resolved. This is obviously beneficial when my clients go on to apply for jobs and educational opportunities.

Orange County is unique in the sense that you can qualify for pre-trial diversion for a charge of DUI. The state attorney needs to be apprised of your history and the facts of your DUI charge as soon as possible to try to get a pre-trial diversion resolution. Please call our offices in Orlando immediately for a Free Consultation to discuss DUI or any criminal charges.