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Orlando Cocaine Possession Defense Lawyer

Several factors specific to Central Florida make it a hub for drug activity. Law enforcement has become loaded to patrol the coast, major highways and the airport for drug activity, and they have been enabled to deal with any offenses that they find.

The efforts of the state have zeroed in on cocaine usage, sale and purchases. Law enforcement has organized special groups for detection of this activity. Once it has been located, the trend is often to sentence offenders rather than assisting them in seeking treatment for the problem.

Orange County Drug Possession Defense Attorney

Cocaine charges can bring as much as a five-year prison sentence with conviction. With harsh penalties on the line, it is important that a client immediately seek skilled legal representation equipped to fight these charges and protect their rights.

I have the experience an accused drug offender needs. I will quickly assess a client’s case and give a clear idea of where the situation stands. We can determine the best case outcome given the details of the scenario, and I will immediately begin pursuing it.

I provide each client a free initial consultation to better understand his or her case. Payment plans are available, and all major credit cards are accepted.

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Orlando Cocaine Possession Defense Attorney

It is not uncommon for overzealous police officers to make errors in the stop and search of suspected individuals. I know what to look for in these situations, and I will carefully review the details of the stop in which each client is implicated. I strive to find problems with law enforcement’s case and try to minimize the impact of these charges on my client’s life.

I have the experience needed to defend my client’s civil rights when they have been violated in an illegal stop.