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Orlando Driving While License Suspended Attorney

Orlando Revoked Driver’s License Lawyer

I have represented numerous clients on driving while license suspended charges. A client’s driving while license suspended charge may or may not be a serious case – it depends on the reason for the suspension. If their license was suspended as a result for failure to pay a traffic fine, or failure to pay child support, or some other monetary problem, those cases are usually resolved easily without threat of jail.

If a client is caught with a suspended license as a result of a DUI suspension, a condition of probation, or violation of a driver’s license restriction, the criminal justice system views those types of driving while license suspended charges more seriously.

Sometimes there are technical defenses to driving while license suspended. For example, if law enforcement makes an illegal stop on a client’s vehicle, the driving while license suspended charge may be thrown out of court. In any event, a client needs to have an attorney that is available and can gather relevant information about their charge and more importantly be willing to gather the critical information to convince prosecutors in the court of the appropriate and fair sanctions to the sentence.

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