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Scott L. Richardson

I truly enjoy the practice of law. I feel it’s a privilege to get to know my clients, their families and their life circumstances. I appreciate the opportunity to appear in various courtrooms and jurisdictions to give representation to my clients.

I believe if you like what you do for a living, you will excel at it. I feel that’s the case with my law practice.

I am very accessible to clients, understanding just how important this case is to them and their families. Phone calls are answered at all hours, and if I must return a phone call, I will do so quickly. I visit clients anytime and anywhere necessary.

I am committed to ensuring that there are no barriers between me and my clients. All answers and information are readily and quickly provided.

Looming on every new clients mind is how much will defense of their case will cost them. My fees vary from case to case depending the the nuances and complexities of each, Also, the county the case is situated, and what is at stake are factors to be considered. For instance, people inquire what I charge for a DUI or a Viloation of Probation. In a DUI charge, there may be a breath test to tangle with or a refusal. There might be favorable body cam footage or or not. There are potentially dozens of issues to be explored in each case. Ultimately your unique circumstance will determine the cost to defend you. Again, the best bet is to call me directly to discuss the best strategy for your defense and the legal fees. I have plenty of prior clients ready to discuss their experience that had with my firm on DUI charges or any other criminal allegations. You will note other firms list what their price is for certain cases. We prefer to know the details, directly from you, before we quote a fee. 

To arrange a free initial consultation, please call today at 407-843-9411. Payment plans are provided, and major credit cards are accepted. Spanish translation services are available.