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Our firm represents people accused of crimes throughout the State of Florida. The main office sits on Lake Eola in Orlando. We tend to help people along the I-4 corridor – Orange Seminole and Volusia Counties, but can appear anywhere in the State if necessary.

The most effective move to get real help on a criminal charge is to talk directly and quickly to an attorney now. Please call me at 407-739-9411 to discuss at no cost to you. If I am in court, on a jail visit or with a client will call you back in short order. A discussion with me is much more productive than scanning websites and other internet search methods.

A Dependable Central Florida Attorney You Can Call Anytime

While the bulk of our practice is criminal defense, I also accept personal injury cases, Injunctions, divorces, and corporate issues under the right circumstances. If I am not perfectly suited for your legal issues, I can get you to an effective lawyer to assist you. We have a number of capable advocates in our suite of offices. We have been immersed in the legal system for a long time and know the key personnel required to get things done. Call me at 407-739-9411 365 days a year. Also, call the main number at 407-843-9411 during business hours.

In most cases, when I part company with a client at the end of their case, they are happy and appreciative. I have former clients willing to share their experience with you, should you so desire. You will note most websites and referral services provide reviews of attorneys. That can be misleading: we believe actual conversations are the better way.

Delivering Quality Representation with Superior Service

My firm is not a high-volume business model. We are selective as to our case load. If you, or a loved one need assistance, we will make sure you have the correct representation. If there is an issue with the price point or geographical issue, I will point you in the right direction. When facing a criminal charge or other legal issue, clients deserve ready access to their lawyer throughout the entire case, not just the consultation. 


Looming on every new client’s mind is how much the defense of their case will cost them. My fees vary from case to case depending on the nuances and complexities of each. Also, the county in which the case is situated, and what is at stake are factors to be considered. For instance, people inquire what I charge for a DUI or a Violation of Probation. In a DUI charge, there may be a breath test to tangle with or a refusal. There might be favorable body cam footage or not. There are potentially dozens of issues to be explored in each case. Ultimately your unique circumstance will determine the cost to defend you. Again, the best bet is to call me directly to discuss the best strategy for your defense and the legal fees. I have plenty of prior clients ready to discuss their experience they had with my firm on DUI charges or any other criminal allegations. You will note other firms list what their price is for certain cases. We prefer to know the details, directly from you, before we quote a fee.

My office represents individuals
accused of all forms of criminal offense, including:

Orlando Drug Defense Attorney

Additionally, there has been a sharp increase in drug related offenses and charges, and local Florida law enforcement has become equipped to find and prosecute these offenses. There is a proliferation of new tactical squads in the area, targeting all levels of drug operations, from dealers and sellers to users. While much of their effort is focused on going after grow-houses and the source of the drugs, traffic stops have become more widespread. Often, these stops violate basic constitutional and civil rights, and involve errors in proper search and seizure.

I understand the profound impact the outcome of this case may have upon my client’s life and the lives of their family. People who know my practice as a criminal defense lawyer can assure you that I strive to obtain the best possible outcome. I provide my clients with free initial consultations to ensure that they are heard. Payment plans are available for your convenience, and credit cards are accepted. To arrange an initial consultation, please call us today at 407-843-9411.

Orange County Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

I have the experience my clients need to combat charges brought as a result of these unconventional methods. With more than significant experience in the trenches of criminal court, I know what to look for and what will strengthen my client’s case, both in negotiations and potentially in trial.

I spend substantial time in Central Florida courtrooms, and as a result, I have a deep understanding of how the system works. I have a handle on what local prosecutors and judges are looking for to resolve cases favorably. I personally care for the case of each client, and I fight to defend each client’s rights.

From cocaine charges to marijuana possession, I will carefully review all of the evidence involved in the situation, find the necessary witnesses, verify the facts and track down new details that will strengthen my client’s case.


Kristin B
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Top Notch Attorney
Scott Richardson is the best attorney hands down one of the most experienced takes care of his clients all around the best! Thanks Scott Sincerely Kristin B.
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Awesome Attorney
A few years ago I was referred to Mr. Richardson for a family member who had gotten in some trouble. Mr. Richardson made himself available immediately for me and my family member. He made calls, visits and guided us through every detail and step we took. He has since become the "family" attorney and is always available for all the needs. He is on point, carries himself very well in the courtroom and with other legal counsel, very passionate about his clients and law. I would never hesitate to hand out Mr. Richardson's number to anyone who is in need. He is attentive, responsive and caring to all needs of his clients and their family members. If you need an attorney, look no further. Scott Richardson is the one to call!!!
Michelle M.
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This attorney is super responsive and to the point!
I was stressed and discouraged when I went to see Scott Richardson. I had already had several attorneys in the past as my family law case seems to have gone on for too many years prior to meeting with him. He was professional, knowledgeable and understanding to my temperament when I sat in his office for the first time. He was diligent and aggressive regarding my case and I could not have asked for a better attorney. If you are looking for an attorney in the Orlando area do not look any further than Scott Richardson. I am happy to say I have not needed an attorney since Scott Richardson handled my case.
John Doe
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Excellent Attorney
Mr. Richardson has handled all of my families legal needs for more then 18 years. He is trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the field of law. Thanks Scott!

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